4.1 ( 8541 ratings )
Jogos Acção Arcade
Developer: Wuah Co.,Ltd.
0.99 USD

CHANBARA JUNKIES is an exhilarating action game in which you take out enemies with a sword.
CHANBARA JUNKIES is set against a backdrop of a mix of classical Japanese culture and modern day Japanese culture.
The main character, a gang member named YAMATO, must fight off the police and yakuza who come for him.

What kind of game is this?
The controls are instinctual and simple.
Just slide your finger on the touch screen in the direction you want to swing your sword.
Anyone can easily enjoy the feeling of cutting down one enemy after another.

There is a boss character waiting at the end of each stage,and once the boss characters energy has decreased to a certain level,
you can slide your finger in the way displayed at the top of the screen to perform a finishing move.

All characters in the game are drawn in the traditional Japanese sumi-e style.

*It is a mass application program.
Please turn off power once, and reactivate after it downloads it.